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Total Retail Management System

  • Point of Sale (Touch & Scan): The Fastest Checkout People
  • Bar-coding
  • Inventory and Reorder Management -
  • Financial Management: Comprehensive Retail Accounting System
  • Customer Relationship: Increase Sale
  • Customer Service
  • Order and Delivery notes
  • Price List and Rate Contract
  • Payroll
  • Advance Data Tools
  • Analysis and Pivot Reports
  • Business Intelligence Reports
  • Schemes & Promotions
  • Graphs and Dashboards
  • Replenishments-
  • Reports Designers
  • Chain Store Management (EBO, MBO and franchisee)


The more inventories you have, the more it costs. The more it cost, the less you earn. The less inventories you have, the less sales is made. The less you earn

a. Inventory: can be implemented very fast without hampering the sales and other day-to-day processes. This means you do not lose anything while implementing. It includes a complete Stock Accounting for any number of Products and SKU's with a set of user definable options to suit your business needs.

b. Inventory Hierarchy : The correct hierarchy is the mother of all MIS (Management Information System). Correct categorization is half job done in retail.

Inventory helps you to correctly classify and categorize complete stock accounting for any number of products and SKUs. With our innovative procedures you can avoid common mistakes and create a healthy hierarchy which in turn helps to reduce the stock cost

c. Opening Stock : You can simply scan the product UPC/EAN and provide information such as quantity, cost price, MRP, sale price and other dimension of like size, color, design, etc. as applicable

Inventory Management

a. Purchase Management : Purchase instantly displays last purchase details, auto-fill last prices, and separate classification for each purchase and to track and monitor good and bad business associates. It also helps to crate a correct master when you are adding new products.

b. POS – Point Of Sale : A do–it–yourself section of Inventory. It shoulders the responsibilities of an operator and boosts her for greater productivity. A concise, to-the-point and ready to use options loads them like a soldier on a war-front

c. Stock MaintenancePlan your merchandize by quickly looking at its performance in your inventory book. generates a few selected and finest inventory reports that facilitate an entrepreneur in making the right decision at the right time.

Financial Management: Comprehensive Retail Accounting System

Why Accounts?

To know income, expenditure, assets, liabilities, profit and loss.
Law demands it
To submit returns and reports to tax department
Business auditors demands it.

It provides processed feedback to management to evaluate performance and take necessary actions To create accountability For posterity (hand away responsibilities and system from one to another, one generation to another).

It is observed that 60% of retail business transaction comes from inventory activity such as Purchase, Purchase Return, Sale, Sale Returns etc. This integrated system will automatically update necessary data into books of accounts. The balance 40% of your accounting information consists of transactions like receipt, payment, journal and contra vouchers

a. Financial Management : is an integrated financial accounting system. This helps you to keep financial records efficiently. This eliminates errors and delay resulting from duplicity of work

Customer Relationship: Increase Sale

The overall goals are to nurture and retain existing customer and constantly get new one, entice former customers back into the fold, and reduce the costs of marketing.Your customers expect more from you.

More Choice. More accuracy. More responsiveness. More real-time transactions. And of course a Loyalty Card which guarantees them more (extra) benefits

Offer the loyalty card (magnetic, bar-coded or a smart card) to the customer. Award points when they buy and keep them coming back to your store. This guarantees increase in sale.

CRM records the buying history of each customer. It also generates points based on their purchases and creates different privilege club membership. When used in multi store environment, CRM keeps track and synchronize the customer points and other information across the chain in near real time.

Customer service helps you mainly in dealing with the customers and jobber for alteration of garment products.

For example if your customer wants to alter the trouser she just bought from your apparel store. This garment needs to be recorded and a delivery time to be mentioned. Now this is given to a jobber and received from jobber after completion of job. Finally the altered garment needs to be delivered to customer in time

a. Customer Service has following features:

Order, Challan & Price List

As the business grows, work load increases, number of transaction, quantity of inventory and area of business. We need a tool-box full of effective tools which reduces human effort and increases the efficiency of manpower. Provides a couple of such beautiful tools that re-directs your energy towards betterment of your business and frees you from complex day-to-day tasks.

Some of such tools are :

a.Purchase Order:Purchase Order is vital document to any form of retail business. It allows you to clearly communicate your requirements to your supplier viz., items, quantities, prices and details of products. lets you easily create purchase orders and link single or multiple purchase bills. This saves your time of putting a check on what inventories are coming in and also secures you from having the same bill entered more than once.

b.Sale Order:Sale Order lets you take the orders from your loyal customers and helps you set the effective delivery schedule. It contains the information like product details, price, discount, applicable tax, delivery and payment mode. It can then be linked to POS for making easy invoice entry. User have option to auto populate all the items in a sale order to avoid re-entry of data

c.Bulk Update:Bulk Update of business data allows you to change the categorization and grouping of single or multiple products at one go. It also allows you to change the hierarchy of single or multiple account ledgers at one time. You can also change the type and status of single or group of customers. Copy Voucher allows you to copy a voucher instead of creating it again.

Analysis Reports With Pivot & Graphs

A completely new approach for reports, designed from the ground-up reports are ultimate tool for organizing and analyzing your business data. The report's main functionality is in its ability to summarize large amounts of information, and represent it in a register and cross-tabulated form. So, it is the best tool to create financial, stock and statistical reports.

a.Reports with Graphs:These reports allow you to easily reorganize the layout using drag-and-drop. As a result, the business data will be re-summarized according to the new layout of the column and row fields, so you can easily alter a report to display the information they need in the way they need it.

b.Aging and Analysis:For those of you familiar with Microsoft Excel, this report is very similar. All reports have full query (SQL) capabilities so you can view, customize, filter and group your data and design the reports you need. The report window lets you design views by simply dragging the columns into the order you want, then removing the columns you don't want. It allows you to perform a smart search within the report. After a report is designed, that view can be saved and recalled whenever necessary.

c.Pivot Reports:These reports are converted to pivot format and vice versa. All the reports are available for export in Excel, Text, PDF, HTML, RTF and CSV for integration with any third party application.

  • Periodical Purchase
  • Periodical Sale
  • Top Purchase
  • Top Sale
  • Classified Top Purchase
  • Classified Top Sale
  • Sale by Day / Time
  • Sale by Type
  • Stock Movement
  • Profitability
  • Inventory Margin Mix
  • No Stock and No Sale Report
  • Price Point Analysis
  • Stock Aging
  • KOT Analysis
  • Void Item and Variance Analysis
  • Food Costing and Menu Engineering

Chain Store Management

Multi Location brings you the enterprise wide connectivity across all of your stores, warehouse and back office.

You just need simple dial up or a broadband internet connection. No need to have fixed IP or leased lines. The smart client technology allows each location to work independently even if the internet connectivity is lost. Whenever the connectivity is stored it syncs the data automatically with head office.

Occasionally Connected ClientsIf you cannot afford to lose sale, customer and revenue just for unreliable internet connection, deploying a web based application obviously won't work. You can carry out all the store operation without worrying about the connectivity. Everything gets updated automatically when its gets next connection.


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