About Us

We Create, Design and Make it Real

Color is at the heart of web design because it helps to establish the theme and motif of any effective design. In addition, it also works on the psychological, where colors influence how a site visitor views his user experience.

Flow is a reference to a site visitor’s visual movement as he experiences the website. Flow includes the proper use of depth, color, hierarchy, shapes and lines. Flow tools include perspective, spacing and facial direction.

Our Mission

"Sometimes when you innovate, you make mistakes. It is best to admit them quickly, and get on with improving your other innovations."

Three Young, Dynamic Professionals with an urge to create Innovative software Created a Firm called Step InfoTech. Being Young, Energetic and Hard Working their main focus is on Creating User Friendly Software.With every new Product Launch we are taking a Step ahead, so the name Step InfoTech.

It is a software company which provides Software solution, which is located in Nashik. Step InfoTech is a fast growing IT company with Interest in Generic and Customized Software for Exports, Networking Solutions. We are also into Higher-End Training which meets today’s Industrial requirements.

In a place like Nashik, it is easy to get Professional who has Academic Qualification but not having enough experience. Hence, we provide training which meets today's Industrial Standards. Our Continuous focus is on helping software companies create innovative products and Solutions for the next generation Applications. Step InfoTech is committed to building lasting strategic partnerships with its clients to ensure satisfaction and measurable business results.

Our Vision

Helping Clients World Wide to develop and test their commercial Software products and solutions in shortest possible time and within their Budget. Step InfoTech strongly believes that the success of any product depends on the quality of people behind it. Step InfoTech is very selective in the recruitment process and controlling growth so that quality is maintained and not compromised. Most of the engineering staff possesses five-year dual degrees in computer science and mathematics. Coupled with impressive educational backgrounds, most of our engineers have spent the majority of their careers developing software products for small to top companies.

Step InfoTech engineers are trained and experienced in the latest languages, protocols, and standards necessary for software and technology development. Development skills include: We focus on providing support to the clients after selling the product, which is very important, and it also creates a good rapport between us and the clients. Support is provided in the form of On-Time and Prompt Service and Regular Maintenance.