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We are really grateful to introduce our self as a greatest IT solution provider in Maharashtra to the education industry from last 5 years. We had delivered various IT solution to the education industry like eSchool, Auto-soft etc.

We have achieved another one milestone in the way of education software development. We had developed one more solution to automate total Educational trust, which can able to automate each and every one institute run by a particular Educational Trust named “eCampus”. We had covered all the departments and work stations of institute and consolidate their data into a Head Office of Education trust.

In the previous versions we had provided solution only for one institute so; they can generate their day to day MIS report accurate and within short period of time. But problem of HO consolidation remain unrequited.


Student Lifecycle:

The Student Lifecycle module digitizes a student's lifecycle processes, such as Admission, Fee, Timetable, Attendance, Exam and Grading, Library, Transport and Hostel. In addition, it provides a holistic view of the transactional history of a student in a single screen, from the time of admission till separation, across several academic years.

Faculty Lifecycle:

The faculty Lifecycle module helps to manage the end to end processes of employees such as Leave, Attendance, Payroll, Trainings, Travel, Claims, Loans, Promotions, Appraisals, Separation and assets. In addition to this, the academic activities of a teacher such as managing Time-table, Marking attendance, Capturing marks are all digitized to enable them to manage their administrative tasks with ease.

Institute Administration:

The administrative module addresses all aspects of financial accounting and ensures that accounts are accurate and consistent, across different campuses. It manages the Human Resources component, including the faculty, administrative and other staff. The solution also automates the Procurement and Inventory processes, and brings in more accuracy by overcoming the limitations of manual paperwork. Moreover, it handles end-to-end payroll services, thus managing the complete Payroll cycle of the organization.

What is E-Campus

Today, the educational sector is abuzz with a noted increase in the number of campuses, student enrollment and digital learning platforms. With such a high increase in the numbers, institutions have to optimize resources by adopting standardized systems and procedures. With campus efficiency being the new catchphrase, collaborative tools and effective learning content management systems are the definite need of the hour. While institutions foresee this need for change, there can also be a resistance to automate academic backend processes. To address this, we Step infotech offer the eCampus solution a suite of IT offerings designed to help educational institutions manage their campuses efficiently and with greater success. These offerings help in steering core and support functions as well as in managing institutional resources to achieve improved accountability and transparency, while attracting students and the best faculty. The eCampus suite of offerings is modular in nature, that means it can automate certain functions within your institution depending on preference and suitability. This enables the institution to be ahead of the curve through swift and sure IT implementation across the board. One of the greatest advantages of the eCampus solution is faster configuration and its plug and play nature. It prompts customer involvement during the configuration process and also allows provisioning for additional solutions and services to be added at a later stage.

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