We have achieved another one milestone in the way of education software development. We had developed one more solution to automate total Educational trust, which can able to automate each and every one institute run by a particular Educational Trust named “polytechnic”. We had covered all the departments and work stations of institute and consolidate their data into a Head Office of Education trust.

In the previous versions we had provided solution only for one institute so; they can generate their day to day MIS report accurate and within short period of time. But problem of HO consolidation remain unrequited.

Now we had added some more data transmission and transformation techniques which can help to consolidate all data of each and every institute into HO using VPN or periodic data backup systems. The report or MIS generation is also a very simple task, you can generate any report of any institute from head office itself; it is no need to wait for the postal mail, phone or fax. The reports generated by the system will be a similar for every institute so that it will helps institute in their statutory audit.