School ERP System

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What is School ERP Software ?

"A school ERP helps manage all day-to-day school activities including administrative tasks, teaching, curriculum management, student attendance, student information, fee record management, homework management, etc.
With School ERP, all stakeholders can have a centralized dashboard view that lists down all the relevant information. Not only that, with access to real-time data such as student’s progress, attendance records, and upcoming events, parents and teachers can stay updated, which enhances the communication between the institution and parents.

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How Does School ERP System Help ?

With an integrated school management ERP system in place, schools are able to upgrade their daily school administration processes. For example, in the case of admissions, schools can carry out all the processes in a paperless manner, leading to better efficiency and saving time and costs. With better records management, student and staff data can be accessed easily and anytime, reducing errors. Learning content management becomes easy and efficient, where teachers can reduce time in planning and focus on execution. Assessments and homework become easy to assign and teachers don’t need to manually followup thus saving time. School management ERP systems have emerged as the game-changer- empowering the school owners, and teachers and upgrading the campus like never before.

Top Features To Look For in a School ERP

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does school ERP benefit teachers ?

    Better Teacher-Student Collaboration

    With an ERP system in place, students and teachers can collaborate even beyond the classroom. This bridges the communication gap and students can get their queries resolved online as well. This can be a great benefit for all those students who are wary of raising their questions during the class.

    Enhanced Teacher-Parent Communication

    In times when everyone is busy, a parent just has to log in with their credentials on the ERP system and they can access their ward’s attendance records, performance records, contact the teachers regarding the same, and so on. This improvises the communication between the teacher and parents as there are timely updates that encourage transparency.

  • How does school ERP software benefit school owners ?

    Reduces administrative hassle

    Be it student admission or generating reports, everything can be turned into a digitized process that saves manual work and reduces errors. Time-consuming tasks like marking the attendance, creating timetables, generating payslips, sending emails or messages to parents can be automated with this system. Even reports that help teachers and school staff can be generated with a click that saves precious time in the process.

    Saves time and money

    Everything from stationary to storage space can be saved by making use of the ERP system effectively. There is also a reduction in the cost of communication as you no longer have to call and send messages to the parents to let them know about the various upcoming events in the school; the ERP does that. Add to this the various automation features and every stakeholder ends up saving a lot of time.

    Data security

    With role-based access in ERP, the data remains secure. You can choose to share and hide certain data with different stakeholders and as everything is online, there’s no fear of losing out on important data and records.

  • Which is the best school ERP system ?

    Here are some practices that can help you choose the right kind of ERP system for your school:

    Understand Your Distinct Needs

    Not every feature of an ERP system would be suitable for you. Instead of figuring out what features of an ERP system would suit your needs, go the other way around. List down your requirements and then go about looking for the software that fulfills the requirement. You can even look for customized options in ERP software and have one personally built for you.

    Conduct A Detailed Research

    Learn about the present school ERP software available in the market and read about how different schools are making use of them. Compare the prices, available features, customization options, reviews and testimonials, and then make a final decision.

    Consider The Expense

    When you are investing such a large amount of money, do compare it with the benefits you will receive over the years. It would be prudent to calculate ROI for each of your selected ERP software. Remember to take into account all the recurring charges and charges for relevant updates, features, and customizations as well.

    Plan In Advance

    Understand how you’d be using the software well in advance. This would help you when you have a conversation with the vendor. They can best understand your use case and suggest you a solution that is the best fit. The vendor can also help set up a detailed demo that explains how their software can meet your needs and help improve efficiency and productivity.

    The Required Support From The Vendor

    Would you need detailed training sessions for all the stakeholders like school staff, parents, teachers or would a guide work? Would you need immediate support when an issue pops up or would you like to get them resolved at your end itself? These are some things you should be clear about before making a decision. You should also communicate the same to the vendor so they know well in advance the kind of support staff they’d have to keep ready for your school.

  • How much does school ERP cost ?

    The price of a school ERP can vary, depending on your distinct needs and features. If you’re looking for advanced features, you will have to pay more. Moreover, different companies have their own pricing structures. So, there’s no one answer to this question.

  • Which is the best school ERP software in India ?

    Instead of going according to any list of the best school ERP software in India, it’s crucial to focus on what type of solution do you want. Check whether the school ERP is providing all the features you are looking for and if the support service is great.

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